Why record UK house prices could be falling again soon

Pent-up demand following lockdowns, a temporary tax cut, record low interest rates and government support for workers and mortgage holders have spurred a rebound that’s taken analysts by surprise. The average price of a UK homesoared to an all-time high in September, according to leading mortgage lender Nationwide, despite a pandemic-induced recession, rising joblessness and fears that a second coronavirusContinue reading “Why record UK house prices could be falling again soon”

Britain’s housing boom… will fizzle out

Rising property prices fuelled by stamp duty freeze will fade away next year with average home losing £7,350, Google search data shows. Google search data shows clicks on the main property sites peaked in August but dropped by 7% this month Experts warn housing prices could fall by up to 3.7% as a result, wipingContinue reading “Britain’s housing boom… will fizzle out”