Parliament needs to hear from you! Write to your MP and demand they explain what they plan to do to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on Britain’s property transactions. 

Whether by phone, email, or letter, it is your right as a citizen to ask your MP for answers when it comes to making sure those who were unable to complete their home purchases or sales during confinement aren’t left in the lurch by the crisis. 

Regardless of whether you voted for them or not, it’s their job to represent and listen to all their constituents!

If you would like some help telling your story, we are more than happy to help. Simply leave us an email address we can use to contact you below, and we will be in touch to guide through the process.

Otherwise, you can download our template letter, personalise as you see fit, and send directly to your MP to demand their support. You could also use Write to them to send your letters.

Letter Template

[Your Name]
[Your Address]

[Name of Member]
House of Commons
SW1 00A

Dear [Mr / Mrs / Ms]

My name is [XX] and I live in [XX] within your constituency. y name is [XX] and I am writing to you as one of your constituents (and a supporter of yours) to ask that you urge the Housing Minister, Mr Jenrick to act, to introduce a so-called “Covid Clause” to apply to all house sale transactions since the pandemic took control of our lives last March.

In my case [details of how you were affected included here – did your buyer or seller renege on an agreement after you had exchanged contracts/have you lost money/have you been left in unsuitable accommodation/have you lost the chance to buy a home or your dream home/have you been left owning a home you can no longer afford].

Of course, I accept that the housing market can be volatile but there are now many cases of people having hopes dashed by events outside their control linked to the pandemic. The government has rightly stepped in with a ban on evictions from commercial properties for non-payment of rent due to the pandemic. For ordinary individuals like myself who embarked on a house sale and buying procedure I feel ignored by the government.

I thought I was alone in suffering in this way but having made enquiries I can see from the CCRUK campaign ( that numerous people have been impacted and there is a growing network of people who have faced similar problems. Estate agents, solicitors, and advisors in housing have come up with the idea of a “Covid Clause” to be made mandatory for as long as the Pandemic lasts and for it to be applied retrospectively to last March when the Prime Minister announced the first lock-down.

I would ask you therefore to write to the Housing Secretary to make legally mandatory the so-called Covid Clause which his department has discussed with representatives of home buyers. I believe this modest measure in place only during the emergency period of the pandemic would be welcomed by all home buyers and indeed by responsible estate agents and vendors.

Ahead of the recently announced May elections it can be no bad thing for our elected representatives to show support for home buyers and sellers affected by the Pandemic.

The Covid Clause should include:
– The parties’ right to serve a notice to complete will be suspended while an event related to COVID-19 prevents the other party from completing;
– A party will not be in breach of its obligations because of a delay caused by COVID-19;
– Either party may terminate the contract if completion does not take place by a specified long-stop date, fixed at an agreed date beyond the contractual completion date;
– A moratorium with retrospective effect to the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020 on deposits so that home-buyers do not lose deposits because COVID- 19 force majeure prevented sales being completed. 

I hope you can use our good offices also to consider putting down a parliamentary question or possible tabling an Early Day Motion setting out the terms of the Covid Clause as other MPs whose constituents face similar problems and would welcome this modest measure by the Government at a time when it is issuing many regulations put in place for the duration of the Pandemic to deal with situations that have hit individuals arising from Covid-19 for the duration of the pandemic.

Yours Sincerely,
[Your Name]