Britain’s COVID-19 housing crisis

“The sight of an enormous crane crushing ex-council properties and their residents is a potent emblem of the betrayal of working class communities in London, and the relentless greed inherent in property developers in the capital.”

Britain is currently facing its worst housing crisis in living memory, and with virtually no new social housing being built, those reliant on private accommodation are facing an insecure future without the right kind of government intervention. In response to COVID-19 Boris Johnson’s hard-right Brexiteers have been forced to implement stimulus packages totalling billions of pounds, in stark contrast to the previous decade of austerity. The “magic money tree” has well and truly been found, and housing policy has become a central issue in recent months, with a planning regulations bonfire looming on the agenda this summer, alongside Robert Jenrick’s ongoing Printworks scandal embodying the inherent corruption of British neoliberal politics.

By Benjamin James Davies, please read the full article on DiEM25.

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